Monday, April 16, 2018

The Final: Themes Visualized

Images of Power and Authority
Sacred space
Objects of Wealth and Status
Funereal Traditions/Death
War and Violence
Images of Identity (culture, social, political)
Issues of Gender (masculine/feminine)
The Natural World
The Human Body

The Ideal

Your final assignment:

Choose three themes from the list above, or come up with a theme not on this list.  Post the themes and some ideas of what you might capture in photographs you would shoot.  

1.  What does each theme represent?
2.  What visuals come to mind when you think about the theme?
3.  What images come to mind when you discuss the theme with your peers or teachers?

You will be capturing images bringing the final theme to visualization.  You should plan on spending a fair amount of time both capturing and compiling what you final will look like.  

I will be asking for weekly input on your blog justifying your selection so continue to post both ideas and images you have been taking.

Final due date:  May 18

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Assignment 17: Rain, rain, go away...

We love it, we hate it, we can't get enough of it, we get far too much of it.

How will you capture rain?  What does it look like to you?  What does it mean?  Think about what rain looks like.  Is it romantic?  Dreary?  Exciting?  Quiet?  Now capture what you think.

Once you have your capture, create an art board in Photoshop with your image, then, using the text tool, describe in either a word, a sentence, a poem or song, what you've just captured.  Remember, the image is the star of the show, not the words.

Consider your composition and lighting carefully.  Use Lightroom to enhance or assist as needed. Post on your blog by the end of the day.

Due:  March 23, end of class  (To be photographed during class...)

Monday, March 5, 2018

Assignment 16 - The Low of High Fashion Photography

High fashion photography.  That usually seems to conjure images of elite models, clothes a normal person can't afford, and destinations far beyond our wildest dreams.  But what if we could switch this image to be something just the opposite.  What if we took all these components and created high fashion photography using regular people, a location that was "everyday", with clothes that might not be deemed "high" fashion (or even fashion at all?  What would that look like to you?

Your assignment:  Create a series of fashion images that would be suitable for Vogue, Cosmopolitan, or any other fashion magazine.  Think outside the box and, with your knowledge of cameras and settings, compose a unique look that would be a show stopper.

Due:  March 14/15

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Assignment 15 - Oh, Those Clever Librarians and Their #Bookface

Bookface photographs by Ray Delara of the Burlingame Public Library in California

How complicated can it be to take a photograph of a book cover for the purpose of posting it on Instagram? Fairly complicated, particularly for those trying to create an image in what has become known as “bookface” style.

Bookface involves strategically lining up your face or another body part alongside a book cover that features a matching body part so that there appears a melding of life and art. The minitrend is giving a boost to the digital presence of institutions that are, by definition, purveyors of analog information.

Your assignment:  create a #Bookface of your own.  You may do this solo or as a group.  Take special care to compose thoughtfully, with attention to great composition and lighting.

Research books in the NDB library today and post the final image not later than 2/27.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Assignment 14 - Rim Light

Image by Andrea Minoia

Rim Light

You'll need to use the external flash to make this happen, so once the "invisible black" assignment has been explained, you should be able to do a number of interesting things with the Speedlights.  Play around with the idea of lighting that depicts a concept/shape/feel to your subject and create a minimum of two final works.  I suggest the photo studio...

...and yes, use a tripod.

Due:  January 23, end of class.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Assignment 13 - Visual Emotions

Emotions are complex, yet we all know them when we see them - love, anger, despair, can you show those without the typical cliche images of lovers holding hands, tears being wiped away, the usual imagery we all see on Hallmark cards.

Now look at the list and select three emotions.  Create one outstanding image for each emotion, attempting to not show the emotions as a cliche.  On a separate art board in Photoshop, combine the three images as a final piece.  Alter the images as you wish.  Finally, add the words in a way that exemplifies those emotions in the final image.

Here is the list:


Due date:  January 16, end of class